Equity and Pupil Services employees provide case management for students referred for chronic absenteeism and misbehavior. The office monitors district-wide racial balance, attendance zones, system-wide withdrawals and appeals and ensures the implementation of the Code of Student Conduct.

Equity and Pupil Services assists in the resolution of disciplinary cases, attendance issues, adjustment issues and other inquiries of concern regarding student due process. This office issues student permits to transfer, processes applications for School Choice transfers and home schooling. It also collaborates with state, regional, and county agencies regarding substance abuse issues, violence-related issues and student extra-curricular activities.

Equity and Pupil Services assists students in optimal health/wellness, personal and interpersonal development, partners with health and human services in the community to eliminate economic and racial health disparities and builds knowledge and skill of health services to more effectively meet the health and wellness needs of our diverse learners. Equity and Pupil Services has jurisdiction over the policies and procedures related to student data. It provides interpretation of and direction to school system inquiries regarding the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act, student assignment records, policies and procedures and dealing with custody issues.

This office assures that court mandates, laws, regulations and PCSSD Board of Education policy is followed regarding student records. Personnel works closely with registrars and school secretaries while also developing and revising Student Records Guidelines. The Office of Equity and Pupil Services provides in-service training for school system personnel in equity and student assignment related areas.

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Dr. Janice Warren
Assistant Superintendent for
Equity and Pupil Services
Dr. Sherman Whitfield
Director of Pupil Services
Dr. John McCraney
Coordinator of Multicultural Education/
Equity and Homeless & Foster Care Liaison
Cynthia Hines, RN
Coordinator of Health Services

Yolanda Richards
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for
Equity and Pupil Services, Permits
Candyce Putman
Secretary to the Director of Pupil Services/
Coordinator of Health Services